Machine Learning is a set of methods and techniques for constructing software systems automatically by analyzing only examples of the desired behaviour.
You do not write a program. You only provide examples of what you want. The program will be synthesized automatically.
In our lab we focus on engineering applications: have a look to our publications to know more about specific research topics.

The lab

The Machine Learning Lab is directed by prof. Alberto Bartoli, assisted by prof. Eric Medvet, and hosts PostDocs, PhD students and LM, LT students: check the opportunities.

The lab is located at Department of Engineering and Architecture (DIA)University of Trieste (room 1259, 2nd floor, building C3). We are on Twitter and Google+.

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Recommending the right publication venue: we'll show how at ICTAI

05-09-2014Our work on Publication Venue Recommendation based on Paper Abstract has been accepted for presentation at the IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI) which will be held at November in Cyprus.In this paper, we propose...More

We are finalist at the "Human-Competitive" Awards!

07-07-2014Great news: our GP-based Regex Golf player, recently accepted for publication at ACM GECCO, has been selected for inclusion among the 7 finalists at the 14-th "HUMIES Awards for Human-Competitive Results produced by Genetic and Evolutionary Computation". The...More

Bibliometric evaluation of researchers in the Internet age

26-06-2014We have written an essay titled like this post that has been accepted for publication on The Information Society journal: Research evaluation, which is an increasingly pressing issue, invariably relies on citation counts. In this contribution we highlight two...More

Continuous and Non-intrusive Reauthentication of Web Sessions based on Mouse Dynamics

29-05-2014Just accepted at the prestigious ARES Conference 2014. The title says a lot of things: - We propose a system for continuous reauthentication of web users based on the observed mouse dynamics. The task of the system consists in continuously checking the...More

Compressing Regular Expression Sets for Deep Packet Inspection

20-05-2014We have just been notified that our latest work has been accepted at the prestigious "13th International Conference on Parallel Problem Solving from Nature (PPSN 2014)". The problem: The ability to generate security-related alerts while analyzing network...More