Machine Learning is a set of methods and techniques for constructing software systems automatically by analyzing only examples of the desired behaviour.
You do not write a program. You only provide examples of what you want. The program will be synthesized automatically.
In our lab we focus on engineering applications: have a look to our publications to know more about specific research topics.

The lab

The Machine Learning Lab is directed by prof. Alberto Bartoli, assisted by prof. Eric Medvet, and hosts PostDocs, PhD students and MS students: check the opportunities. Read also our blog to know more about lab life.

The lab is located at Department of Engineering and Architecture (DIA)University of Trieste (room 1259, 2nd floor, building C3). We are on Twitter and Google+.

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Playing a programming competition against humans...

13-03-2014Great news: our paper "Playing Regex Golf with Genetic Programming" has been accepted at ACM GECCO, the top conference on Evolutionary Computation (we were there also in 2013 and 2012, though !). What is Regex Golf ? An unstructured and informal programming competition...More

Computer Aided Design of Football Teams

04-02-2014This is quite an unusual post. It describes a for-fun application of a topic well-known in engineering and research: multiobjective optimization. We decided to blog about this anyway, because it may be of some interest for our students—and because it...More

Automatic Regex Generation - IEEE Computer paper (!)

15-01-2014A paper describing our system for the automatic generation of regular expressions from examples has been accepted for publication on IEEE Computer, one of the most prestigious magazines in computing. The user describes the desired task only by means...More

Lab paper on GP for a medical application at ISPA

08-07-2013The lab paper titled A Novel Estimation Methodology for Tracheal Pressure in Mechanical Ventilation Control has been accepted for presentation at ISPA 2013.In this work, we build an estimator, by means of Genetic Programming, for the tracheal pressure...More

Lab paper "Detection of hidden fraudulent URLs..."

16-05-2013Other great news: our work "Detection of Hidden Fraudulent URLs within Trusted Sites using Lexical Features" has been accepted at a prestigious security conference (ARES 2013). In this work we developed a methodology for detecting fraudulent pages within...More