Machine Learning is a set of methods and techniques for constructing software systems automatically by analyzing only examples of the desired behaviour.
You do not write a program. You only provide examples of what you want. The program will be synthesized automatically.

In our lab we focus on engineering applications: have a look at our publications.

The Lab is directed by prof. Alberto Bartoli, assisted by prof. Eric Medvet, and hosts PostDocs, PhD students and LM, LT students: check the opportunities.
The Lab is part of DIA, University of Trieste, located in Trieste, Italy.

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We are on the Communications of the ACM!

10-09-2018We have just received the notification of acceptance of a "viewpoint" on the Communications of the ACM, one of the most prestigious magazines in our field; perhaps the most prestigious one. Although a viewpoint is a short paper "dedicated to opinions...More

World Cup Finalists (and new journal paper)!

09-07-2018We are finalists of the World Cup! Ok, not the Football World Cup, a different World Cup: Human-Competitive Results Produced by Genetic and Evolutionary Computation (aka Humies Award). This is our 3rd final. The first time it was with our regex-golf...More

Survey on eduroam configuration (ARES paper)

11-06-2018In our recent paper Evil twins and WPA2 Enterprise: A coming security disaster? we documented the security risks associated with wi-fi devices that are not configured correctly. A pervasive example of those devices are smartphones. The security risks...More

Best paper at EuroGP 2018!

09-04-2018Our work "On the Automatic Design of a Representation for Grammar-based Genetic Programming" has been chosen as best paper at the 21st European Conference on Genetic Programming (part of Evostar 2018). This work is somewhat theoretical, at least for our...More

Evil Twins and WPA2 Enterprise: A Coming Security Disaster?

11-01-2018This post is an introduction for the research paper “Evil twins and WPA2 Enterprise: A coming security disaster?”, to appear on Computers & Security, Elsevier ( Download link at the end of the post. Would you...More