Machine Learning is a set of methods and techniques for constructing software systems automatically by analyzing only examples of the desired behaviour.
You do not write a program. You only provide examples of what you want. The program will be synthesized automatically.

In our lab we focus on engineering applications: have a look at our publications.

The Lab is directed by prof. Alberto Bartoli, assisted by prof. Eric Medvet, and hosts PostDocs, PhD students and LM, LT students: check the opportunities.
The Lab is part of DIA, University of Trieste, located in Trieste, Italy.

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...and then IEEE Intelligent Systems !

23-03-2016Our last post was about acceptance on IEEE TKDE of our work on automatic regex construction and ended as follows: We are crossing our fingers as we hope to make another announcement soon... And now, yes, we have just received another acceptance notification from...More

IEEE Transactions (TKDE) paper!

21-03-2016Our "big paper" on automatic generation of regular expressions from examples will appear soon on IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering! We are really very proud of this result. According to the "State of the Journal Editorial" published...More

Active Learning of Regular Expressions

01-12-2015We have been working for several months on a significant improvement of our regex generator tool (source code): the ability to work in an active learning fashion. Rather than requiring the user to identify a set of examples describing the desired extraction...More

Recent publications...

20-10-2015...not tightly related to our regex research. A short paper of ours has appeared today on an ACM Journal (a prestigious venue, as any other ACM venue): Data Quality Challenge: Toward a Tool for String Processing by Examples. The title should be quite...More

Source code for regex generator is now public

28-04-2015We have received several requests to make the source code for our regex generator by examples tool public. We were reluctant to do so because we cannot offer any support, but eventually we decided to make it public: Enjoy...More