Examples of generated reviews

Synthetic review for the paper "Detecting Android Malware using Sequences of System Calls"

This paper proposes a system to detect artifacts based on network related information. However, i am curious about the observation (shown in killer 1b) that sv and dc appear more similar to each other 'after driver' despite having never played recorder-to-head (as far as we are told). It would be good if you can also talk about the importance of establishing some good shared benchmarks.

Synthetic review for the paper "Publication Venue Recommendation based on Paper Abstract"

The submission describes a system (a fairly complicated one) which attempts to learn lexical edges from positive and negative examples. However, as there is only one method from both movies tested, it could as well be only these two instances that behave differently than all others. It would be useful to identify key assumptions in the modeling to which the predictions are sensitive yet uncertainty is high as im research assignments.